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11 Oct 2014 No party affiliations are on the ballot, although political parties pick the candidates. Viviano and Zahra will be labeled as current members of the court. Justices backed by the Republican Party currently have a 5-2 edge on the court. Learn more about the candidates from the Michigan Voters Guide (Photo:
In this guide, you can see where candidates stand on various issues based on questions we posed to them. Type in your address to find information about races that will be on your ballot or browse through candidates and races below. For a run-down of where the presidential candidates stand on a host of issues, go to:
Two seats on the Michigan Supreme Court were on the general election ballot on November 8, 2016. Full terms on the supreme court are eight years long. HIGHLIGHTS. Michigan judicial general elections are nonpartisan, but political parties nominate candidates. Justice David Viviano (R) was first appointed to the court in
The race for the Michigan Supreme Court holds much more significance for Michigan than many people realize. First of all, it's important for voters to understand the process Michigan utilizes for electing Supreme Court justices. Candidates for Supreme Court are nominated at the state political party conventions, but they
First time voters and college students often find themselves caught in the technicalities of Michigan election laws. Here are a few tips for college students in Michigan to help guide you through the voting process. VOTER GUIDES. The League of Women Voters prepares non-partisan Voter Guide for state and local elections.
22 Oct 2016 Two of the seven seats on the Michigan Supreme Court will be on the ballot for the Nov. 8 election, and three candidates are running for each seat. Here's a look at the six candidates and the reasons they are running for office, according to voter guide questionnaires submitted to MLive. For complete
20 Oct 2016 Challengers make no compelling case for ousting incumbents in lackluster race for two seats on Michigan's highest court.
Vote for one candidate for an eight-year term as a Michigan Supreme Court Justice.
Incumbent David Viviano defeated Frank S. Szymanski and Doug Dern in the general election for the Michigan Supreme Court, Viviano's seat.
Judges in Michigan participate in nonpartisan elections, with partisan nomination for state supreme court candidates. If there are more than twice the number of candidates than there are persons to be elected, the race will appear on the primary election ballot. In the nonpartisan primary, the two candidates who receive the